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Fire Insurance Claims

Fire damage can occur from a variety of different causes and create a need for a property and casualty fire insurance claim attorney.

Some examples of damage that can create fire insurance claims for your house or workplace include:

  • Severe lightning storms– which are common in South Florida– strike, causing a fire
  • Electrical fires in many older-constructed homes
  • Leaving the stove or other appliances unattended
  • Burning candles that are forgotten
  • Holiday decorations

Unfortunately, these are just some of the common examples.  There are endless factors that can come together to cause a fire and result in a fire damage insurance claim.

A fire to your home, residence, or place of business can be a devastating and extremely destructive event.  The damage can be severe:  total destruction; fire and water damage together; smoke damage that renders the entire property uninhabitable, or it can be limited to only a portion of your property.  In any case, there will be extensive fire damage cleanup.  Victims of fire are often left in shock and turn to their insurance companies for guidance.  Unfortunately, fire insurance claims can be complicated, and oftentimes, insurance companies look for ways to delay, underestimate the value of your house fire insurance claim, or even outright deny your fire damage claim.

Why you should hire an Attorney for your Fire Insurance Claims

After a homeowner or business owner sustains property damage, he or she has the option to hire an attorney or a public adjuster.  However, because a public adjuster is not an attorney, a public adjuster is unable to go to Court on behalf of a homeowner or business owner when an insurance company is not fairly evaluating a claim.  Insurance companies know that and will often use it to their advantage by trying to short change a client and public adjuster.

If an attorney is hired in a case after a client already signed with a public adjuster it could unfortunately result in double fees for the homeowner or business owner.  Therefore, we suggest calling one of our experienced attorneys right away to get involved from the beginning.  We have public adjusters that work through us without an additional contingency fee.

Furthermore, this results in no additional surprise fees down the road for the homeowner or business owner.  Most importantly, unlike a public adjuster, attorneys can recover fees separately in litigation, at no additional cost to you, which means a greater recovery to you.  If you have a fire insurance claim, call a  Property and Casualty Fire Insurance Claim Attorney at Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley.

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