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When families place their elderly loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, they do so with the expectation that the care received will be exemplary. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities exist to care for the elderly. Designed to provide vital services to people who can no longer see to their own needs, they have instead become dumping grounds for seniors. Too often, seniors are the victims of neglect, abuse, filth and incompetence. In many cases, records are changed to conceal the indignities to which elderly people are subjected.

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Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The list of abuses and substandard care that occur in nursing home and assisted living facilities can fill many volumes. Facility failures and the resulting tragic consequences to residents exist because too many facilities are more concerned with profits than with the people in their care. Below are just a few of the most pressing problems:

  • Bed Sores: Bed sores are skin ulcers that can sometimes go down to the bone. They are horribly painful and, once established, difficult to treat and cure. Insufficient staffing and inadequate training are the key causes of bed sores. When an elderly person develops bed sores, the chances are overwhelming that the causes are inadequate cleaning or attention.
  • Rape, Physical Abuse and Other Violence: The elderly are often placed at random with the mentally retarded, brain injured, or emotionally disturbed. Defenseless against these aggressive and often younger people, elderly residents have been raped, beaten, abused and even killed. Sadly, the majority of these incidents go unreported and unpunished.
  • Malnutrition: One of the most horrible things imaginable is death by starvation. Many elderly patients are unable to adequately feed themselves and need assistance in cutting and eating their food. In an effort to maximize profits, some facilities do not hire sufficient staff to properly feed residents. Sometimes, staff members, whether due to improper training or a lack of oversight and supervision, simply don’t take the time to see to it that a resident eats enough to avoid malnutrition.
  • Freezing in Winter, Stifling in Summer: The elderly are convenient victims. Taking advantage of the frequent inability of residents to voice complaints, facility operators maximize profits by keeping temperatures extremely low in the winter and extremely high in the summer. This can be torture for elderly people, who are especially vulnerable to temperature extremes.
  • High Turnover, Inadequate Training and Insufficient Staff: Many nursing home and assisted living facility employees are minimum wage workers with little training or experience. They have minimal incentive to provide quality care for the elderly. Often, there is simply not enough staff to perform even the most necessary functions, and the staff that is available is poorly trained. Overwhelmed by the workload, the turnover rate of these workers is inordinately high. Documented cases of patients left for days in their beds, sometimes in their own waste, are a frightening consequence of staffing failures, and yet another instance of facility operators putting profits before people.
  • Lack of Adequate Medical Care: Despite the declining health of nearly every nursing home and assisted living facility resident, there is only minimal access to professional medical care. Physicians and nurses have daunting patient loads which make it difficult, and in some cases, impossible to provide decent medical care. Sadly, residents are often medicated, not to treat them properly, but to keep them quiet.

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When families place their loved ones into the care of a nursing home or long-term care facility, they must be able to trust that they will receive proper care and be treated with dignity and compassion.

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