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The South Florida offices of Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley are about as well versed in hurricane and windstorm damage as anyone could be, and most homes and businesses there are required to have Hurricane (or wind) insurance. Residential, commercial and business owner’s insurance policies cover wind damage or damage from wind-driven rain as a result of tropical storms, hurricanes or tornadoes. But South Florida isn’t the only place where devastating wind storms can happen.

Unfortunately, these types of storms usually bring wide-spread damage, which means that many home and business owners are making similar windstorm claims following a storm. Insurance companies are being inundated with claims and can often delay or ultimately deny paying claims.

Coverage(s) available to you after a windstorm or hurricane damages your home or business, you are entitled to the cost of repairs, temporary or alternative residence costs, storage costs, transportation costs, and other costs you may incur due to the storm damage.

With a nationwide network of experienced insurance claims attorneys, we have the resources to fight the giant insurance companies and defend your rights. Contact us now, and see what Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley can do for you.

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Why you should hire an Insurance Claims Attorney

After a homeowner or business owner sustains property damage, he or she has the option to hire an attorney or a public adjuster. However, because a public adjuster is not an attorney, a public adjuster is unable to go to Court on behalf of a homeowner or business owner when an insurance company is not fairly evaluating a claim. Insurance companies know that and will often use it to their advantage by trying to short change a client and public adjuster.

If an attorney is hired in a case after a client already signed with a public adjuster it could unfortunately result in double fees for the homeowner or business owner. Therefore, we suggest calling one of our experienced attorneys right away to get involved from the beginning. We have public adjusters that work through us without an additional contingency fee.

Furthermore, this results in no additional surprise fees down the road for the homeowner or business owner. Most importantly, unlike a public adjuster, attorneys can recover fees separately in litigation, at no additional cost to you, which could mean a greater recovery to you.

Put Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley on the Case

If you are an individual, business, condo association or homeowner’s association and have suffered a property loss due to a windstorm or hurricane, we urge you to contact the experienced insurance attorneys at Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley. Here’s how we can help:

  • If you have not already done so, we can initiate the claims process on your behalf directly with the insurance company
  • Select a public adjuster that works with you to assist with the appraisal process
  • We will promptly handle all property damage claims in a diligent manner
  • Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Evaluate your insurance policy to determine the coverage(s) available to you
  • Settle your claim or litigate, if necessary, to recover the maximum settlement for you.

If you are one of the many who have been denied an insurance claim by your provider and want to receive the benefits you have been paying for, you need the experience of an insurance claim lawyer at Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley to help see your claim through.

For more information about a potential personal injury case or referral, give us a call at 8004744089, and let Bernheim Dolinsky Kelley prove it to you.

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  • No fee unless we win your case
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