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What is a whistleblower lawsuit?

Pursuant to the False Claims Act of 1863, anyone who discovers that the United States government is being defrauded may “blow the whistle” and bring a whistleblower lawsuit, also known as a qui tam lawsuit. Whistleblowers often receive as much as 15 to 30 percent of the monies that the Qui Tam attorneys recover on behalf of the government as part of the whistleblower claim.  It is the government's way of rewarding private citizens for alerting them to the fraud or wrongdoing so they can put an end to it.

If you are a whistleblower with important information about any sort of fraud on the U.S. government, our whistleblower attorneys may be able to help you file a Qui Tam lawsuit. Our experienced whistleblower lawyers offer a free, confidential case evaluation. We represent every whistleblower case on a contingent fee basis, meaning there are absolutely no legal fees or costs unless you recover money.

Our Whistleblower lawyers handle Qui Tam lawsuits against:

  • Contractors who contract with the government
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals and other healthcare providers
  • For-profit colleges
  • GSA contractors
  • Any company that works with the government

Fraud against the government cases our whistleblower attorneys handle include:

  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Government health insurance fraud
  • Defense contractor fraud
  • Utilities fraud
  • Research and grant fraud
  • Medical device fraud
  • Defective pricing fraud
  • Telecommunications fraud
  • Airport construction fraud and more


Compensation for the Whistleblower under False Claims Act

Billions of dollars have been recovered because of Qui Tam lawsuits filed by whistleblowers.  Courageous private citizens have helped bring about whistleblower lawsuits against the many companies and individuals that have stolen money by defrauding the federal government.

A whistleblower claim or Qui Tam lawsuit is filed on behalf of the government with the help of a whistleblower attorney.  When a whistleblower brings out a Qui Tam lawsuit, they are actually helping the government to recover money they have been defrauded.   In return, the person who brings accurate and successful charges to the government’s attention may be eligible to recover a percentage of any money they recover from the offending company.

Whistleblower compensation may entitle the person who came forward with information regarding a fraud on the U.S. government to receive 15% to 30% of the recovery as a whistleblower award.   However, the information regarding the fraud must be accurate and the whistleblower must be the first person to bring the fraud to the government’s attention.

Whistleblower Retaliation?

If a former employer or the organization committing the fraud attempts to retaliate against the whistleblower, additional compensation may be available under a variety of whistleblower laws designed to protect whistleblowers. In addition to maximizing the whistleblower’s compensation from the government, potential retaliation is another important reason why it is important for the whistleblower to consult with an experienced whistleblower attorney right away.   A whistleblower lawyer will ensure all of the whistleblower’s legal rights are adequately protected throughout the Qui Tam litigation.

Lawyers for Whistleblowers and Qui Tam Claims

If you have first-hand knowledge regarding fraud on the U.S. government, contact our whistleblower law firm for a free, confidential case evaluation by an experienced whistleblower attorney. We represent every whistleblower case on a contingent fee basis, meaning there are absolutely no legal fees or costs unless you recover money.

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