Gas Can Explosion Lawsuit Attorneys

Gas can explosion lawyer.Many portable gas cans have design and manufacturing defects that may lead to gas can explosions resulting in serious burns, injuries, and even death.  In many cases, life-threatening and disfiguring accidents could be avoided with minor changes to gas can design and stronger warnings of the potential dangers of gas can explosion.

When gas can explosions lead to serious injury, our gas can explosion lawsuit attorneys have the experience and resources victims need to recover the compensation they deserve.  If you or someone you love was burned or injured as a result of a gas can explosion, contact our product liability lawyers today.

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Defective Gas Can Problems

There are a number of design and manufacturing defects that can lead to serious injury or death caused by gas can explosion.  The most prominent of these issues include:

No Child-Resistant Gas Caps

Most manufacturers of gas cans refuse to replace original gas can caps with child-resistant caps that could greatly enhance the safety of the gas can.  In most cases, these child-resistant caps cost only pennies.

No Flame Arrestor in Gas Can Spout

A flame arrestor, which costs about fifty cents, can prevent gasoline in a gas can from igniting and exploding.  This small metal device works by forcing flame to travel through a narrow channel in the gas can spout, effectively blocking the flame from the remainder of the gas in the can.

No Proper Warnings on the Gas Can

For just pennies, manufacturers could add bold and strongly worded safety warnings to gas cans.  These warnings could have prevented a number of tragic accidents and deaths and would cost gas can manufacturers only a few cents per can.
In many cases, parents and children do not think about how quickly gasoline vapors can ignite.  A nearby open flame, a pilot light, and even static electricity can spark a gasoline vapor fire that may lead to gas can explosion.

Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

A number of victims of gas can explosion have filed dangerous product liability lawsuits against negligent manufacturers who don’t take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of their products.  If you have been seriously injured in a gas can explosion, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your damages in a gas can explosion lawsuit.

Contact an Experienced Gas Can Explosion Lawyer

Our gas can explosion attorneys believe that manufacturers should be held responsible when their negligent design or lack of proper safety warnings leads to serious burn injury or death.  Victims of gas can explosion may be able to recover compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and disfigurement.  If you have suffered as a result of a gas can explosion, contact our attorneys today for a free legal consultation where you can learn more about your legal rights.