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Toxic ExposureThroughout the years, industries have been pumping harmful chemical substances into our air, our water supply and our bodies. Exposure to these toxic pollutants can cause serious injuries or death - injuries that might have been prevented if companies had acted ethically.

When toxic exposure strikes you or a family member, the last thing you need is more pressure. You need a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable advocate who will stand up for your rights.

At Kelley Law Group, P.C., our toxic exposure attorneys represent clients from all walks of life that have been affected by toxic exposure. Whether your claim deals with asbestos or benzene exposure, cancer clusters, poisoning or radiation, our product liability attorneys have the experience to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Our Toxic Exposure Lawyers Handle Cases Involving:

  • Asbestos Exposure
  • Benzene Exposure
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Carbon Monoxide Exposure
  • Cancer Cluster
  • Excessive Radiation
  • Lead Paint Poisoning
  • Zinc Poisoning

What is Toxic Exposure?

The term toxic exposure covers anyone who has been harmed by exposure to a toxic or chemical substance. People who work in heavy industrial settings are particularly at risk for occupational toxic exposure to substances such as asbestos and benzene, including workers in: 

  • Chemical and plastics manufacturing
  • The petroleum industry
  • Steel and heavy metals manufacturing
  • Construction sites
  • Welding

Toxic exposure does not always happen in the workplace. There are many substances within the home that can put people at risk for serious injury or death due to chemical exposure, including:

  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides
  • Spray paint
  • And more

Those who work or live near chemical plants, refineries and gas stations may also have a higher risk of toxic exposure.

Chemical and Toxic Exposure Symptoms

People who have been exposed to toxic or chemical substances often exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, many requiring extensive medical treatment. Some of the most common short-term symptoms of toxic and chemical exposure include:

  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Forgetfulness

Exposure to chemicals over a long period of time can produce even more serious injuries, such as:

  • Cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Internal organ damage
  • Learning disabilities
  • Chronic neurological damage

What Do Chemical and Toxic Exposure Lawyers Do?

A toxic exposure attorney represents people who have been harmed by toxic exposure in the home or workplace. This encompasses chemical exposure cases dealing with serious injury or death.

If you believe you or a family member has been affected by exposure to toxic substances, a chemical exposure lawyer at Kelley Law Group, P.C. can advise you on whether you are eligible for compensation for any resulting illness or injuries. Our toxic exposure lawyers will:

  1. Offer you a free, no-obligation case evaluation to see if you have a valid claim.
  2. Thoroughly investigate all the circumstances that led to the chemical exposure.
  3. Extensively research the points of law pertaining to your specific situation.
  4. Counsel and advise you on the legal steps you can take to claim compensation.
  5. Answer all your questions, no matter how small, throughout the legal process.
  6. Seek compensation for you through out-of-court settlements or trial arguments. 

Compensation for Toxic and Chemical Exposure Claims

People who have been affected by toxic exposure may be eligible to claim compensation for both the physical and mental pain and suffering that they have endured. Compensation claims for toxic and chemical exposure can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional suffering
  • Loss of physical capacity or ability

If you have questions about how to seek compensation for chemical exposure, a toxic exposure lawyer can advise you on the first steps to take.

Contact a Toxic Exposure Attorney for a Free Case Evaluation

An experienced toxic exposure lawyer with Kelley Law Group, P.C. is always on hand to answer questions about your rights, no matter how small you feel those questions may be. You may have specific concerns relating to your condition, concerns which our experienced chemical exposure attorneys can help to address with qualified advice. 

If your case relates to a large corporation or manufacturer and you are worried that your chemical exposure claim will be ignored, talk to us first. With our nationwide network of advocates, we are thoroughly qualified to address the most complex toxic exposure cases. We will ensure your voice is heard.

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  • No fee unless we win your case
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