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Our product liability attorneys represent people who suffer neuropathy, copper defeciency and zinc poisoning from using Poligrip denture cream and Fixodent denture cream. Fixodent denture cream and Poligrip denture cream may have irreversible side effects due to dangerously high levels of zinc in these denture creams. These denture creams have recently been linked to Zinc poisoning and dangerous side effects including neuropathy.

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Failure to Warn of Dangerous Side Effects from Zinc Poisoning

Unfortunately, most Americans were completely unaware denture creams had such dangerous side effects because there was no warning on the boxes or tubes of the denture creams. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require disclosure of the potential for denture cream zinc poisoning or the risk ofcopper defeciency on their labels.

Without a mandate from the FDA, the makers of Poligrip Denture Cream, Fixodent Denture Cream and other denture creams were unwilling to include such warnings. This made it nearly impossible for the unsuspecting consumer to be aware of the high levels of zinc in these denture creams.

Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning and Copper Defeciency

In addition to neuropathy, denture cream zinc poisoning and copper defeciency can cause a number of neurological problems. These include:

Paresthesias: Spontaneous feelings of numbness, tingling, pinching, sharp, deep stabs, electric shocks, or buzzing in the arms and legs. Other types of paresthesias include feelings of cold, warmth, burning, itching, and skin crawling.

Dysesthesias: Unpleasant abnormal sensations that occur when a patient touches something, or is exposed to some other type of stimulus. Patients suffering from this disorder may feel burning, wetness, itching, electric shock, "pins and needles" and other uncomfortable sensations in their extremities, especially their hands and feet.

Anemia: A blood disorder that occurs when the level of healthy red blood cells in the body becomes too low. Anemia can lead to serious health problems, including fatigue and impaired bodily organs.

Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes: These diseases are disorders of the hematopoietic stem cells that can involve either one cell line or all of the cell lines (erythroid for red cells, myeloid for white blood cells, megakaryocytic for platelets).

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If you currently use Poligrip denture cream, Fixodent denture cream or any other denture cream and suffer from neuropathy, you may suffer from Zinc Poisoning.

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