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Da Vinci RobotOur da Vinci Surgical Robot System lawyers are currently investigating claims of victims who suffered injury or the loss of a loved one following surgery with this potentially dangerous medical device.  The da Vinci Robot is made and marketed by Intuitive Surgical, Inc. and is used in a number of laparoscopic surgery procedures.  Unfortunately, many patients have been harmed or killed during or after surgery with the da Vinci System.
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What is the da Vinci Surgical Robot System?

The da Vinci Surgical Robot is a large machine designed to provide a greater range of movement for surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery.  The device has four arms that are inserted into the patient via tiny incisions, and the surgeon uses these arms to view and conduct the surgery.  This technique is meant to cause less loss of blood, smaller scars, and shorter recovery time for patients.  Originally FDA approved in 2000 for use in urologic, laparoscopic, and gynecologic surgery, the device is also used to perform gastric bypass surgery, gall bladder removal, and thyroid cancer surgeries.

Da Vinci Surgery Injuries

The most common injuries reported from the da Vinci Surgical System are tears and burns affecting blood vessels, intestines, and reproductive organs.  In many cases, it is believed that these injuries may be attributed to one or both of the following factors:
  • Design defects: it has been argued that the non-insulated arms of the da Vinci system can burn surrounding tissues, and that electrical currents from the device can also cause severe burns to healthy tissues and organs.
  • Surgeon’s error: only two days of formal training are offered when a hospital purchases a da Vinci System, while experienced surgeons state that it takes hundreds of surgeries to be truly proficient with the device.
In many cases, burns and tears caused by the da Vinci system are not immediately apparent, and may not be discovered for some time.  This can lead to delayed treatment for da Vinci System injuries, which may be fatal. 

Inadequate Training for Surgeons Using the da Vinci System

Many experts and medical device lawyers believe that inadequate surgeon training for the da Vinci System is the cause of a large number of injuries linked to the surgical robot.  To use the system, a surgeon must operate four mechanical arms using both hand controls and foot pedals.  When a hospital purchases the system, Intuitive Surgical provides two days of training for two surgeons.  While some hospitals have initiated intensive da Vinci training programs, other hospitals allow surgeons to operate this complex machine after very brief training.  According to interviews the Wall Street Journal conducted with a number of surgeons experienced in using the system, it requires hundreds of cases to reach true proficiency with the device.

Da Vinci Surgical System Lawsuits

In the past decade, a number of da Vinci Surgical Robot system lawsuits have been filed by plaintiffs who suffered either serious injury or the loss of a loved one after surgery with the device.
In December 2003, a Florida man’s widow filed suit after her husband’s aorta and vena cava were severed by a surgeon suing the da Vinci Surgical Robot.  According to the plaintiff, doctors without sufficient experience with the system performed the surgery.  In her claim, the woman charged that the hospital held use of the new device as a priority over her husband’s safety.
In May 2010, a New Hampshire woman sued Wentworth-Douglass Hospital after both of her ureters were cut during a robotic hysterectomy.  According to this suit, the surgeon performing the operation did not have adequate training on the da Vinci system.
In February 2012, the family of a Chicago man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against his doctors, claiming that the man’s death in 2007 was directly related to improper use of the surgical robot.  During surgery, the man suffered a puncture of the lower intestine during surgery to remove his spleen.  The injury went undiscovered for weeks; eventually it was discovered, but it was too late to save the man’s life.  The surgeon involved in the case admitted that this was the first surgery where he used the da Vinci system on a live patient.
In March 2012, a New York man filed a federal da Vinci lawsuit when his 24-year-old daughter was killed as a result of burns to an artery and to her intestines which occurred during a hysterectomy.  According to this suit, the woman’s burns were a result of da Vinci design flaws that caused an electrical current to jump to shock her healthy organs and tissues.

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